2K, The Weeknd associate on refurbished Toronto basketball courtroom for underserved communities

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2K Foundations, the charitable arm of video games publishing big 2K, has partnered with the City of Toronto, local-born artists The Weeknd and Nav to offer Toronto’s Lawrence Heights with a refurbished basketball courtroom.

Specifically, the mission will see the courtroom obtain a brand new scoreboard, backboards, repairs and an artwork set up designed by the award-winning artist Ben Johnston and multimedia artist Trevor Wheatley. Hxouse, the Toronto-based incubator based by The Weeknd, is aiding on the mission.

Lawrence Heights is Toronto Community Housing’s largest Revitalization mission.

2K, in the meantime, isn’t any stranger to basketball due to its annual best-selling NBA 2K online game collection. The writer says 2K Foundations will help related charitable tasks around the globe over the following yr associated to music programming and training.

Image credit score: Toronto Community Housing

Source: 2K Foundations

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