TikTok is down for some, customers flip to Twitter to complain

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According to TikTok’s official Twitter help account, the short-form video platform is at present “experiencing some issues.”

Problems appear to vary from customers having zero followers on their accounts to your entire platform being inaccessible. There are additionally studies of whole TikTok accounts dropping all of their movies

Thankfully, I’m nonetheless in a position to entry the platform, permitting me to stream by means of numerous movies of individuals making use of caulk to things (my For You web page is bizarre, okay?).

The preliminary outage reportedly occurred at roughly 3:30pm ET/12:30pm ET. This story can be up to date when TikTok comes again on-line.

In a considerably amusing flip of occasions, a number of TikTok customers have turned to Twitter to complain about TikTok’s outage.

Source: @TikTokSupport

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