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Samsung slashes Galaxy Buds Live wi-fi earbuds worth by $70

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As far as wi-fi earbuds go, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live stay one in all my favorite pairs.

If you’ve been on the fence about “the beans,” now is a good time to choose them up. While the Galaxy Buds Live sometimes value an costly $199, Samsung has reduce the worth by $70, bringing their value all the way down to $129. For further context, when the Galaxy Buds Live first launched again in September 2020, they value $249.

Given that I’ve a reasonably persistent latex allergy that forestalls me from sporting wi-fi earbuds (I’ll spare you the small print, but it surely isn’t fairly anymore after I use them), the Buds Live have change into my go-to wi-fi earbuds the previous couple of months.

Even their lively noise-cancellation is fairly strong, although it doesn’t evaluate to the Galaxy Buds Pro or AirPods Pro, given these wi-fi earbuds’ in-ear design. Other notable specs embody between 4 and 6 hours of battery life, a large sound stage and a wi-fi Qi-compatible charging case.

The Buds Live are comfy, characteristic respectable sound, and most significantly, don’t burrow into my ear canals.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live can be found in ‘Mystic Bronze,’ ‘Mystic White,’ or ‘Mystic Black’ for $129.

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