Nintendo says Switch OLED Model doesn’t function a brand new CPU or extra RAM

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Though given Nintendo didn’t spotlight that the brand new Switch OLED Model contains a new CPU or extra RAM in its press launch or YouTube reveal centered on the brand new handheld, many held out hope that maybe the gaming large didn’t really feel this was a sufficiently big improve to say — although that basically doesn’t make sense.

It appears, as anticipated, that this isn’t the case. Nintendo has confirmed to a number of publications, together with The Verge, that the brand new Switch OLED Model doesn’t “have a new CPU or more RAM” and emphasizes that the underlying {hardware} powering the hand held is similar as “previous Nintendo Switch models.”

This implies that rumoured options like Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) tech that may permit the console to output visuals in 4K aren’t a part of the brand new OLED Switch.

As far as {hardware} is worried, this new model of the Switch contains a higher-quality 720p OLED show that measures in at 7-inches, a greater kickstand and a revamped dock that features an Ethernet port. It’s additionally value noting that the brand new OLED Switch is barely longer and heavier than its predecessor at 0.32kg in comparison with 0.29kg.

As an enormous fan of the Switch’s and its versatility, it’s exhausting to not be upset by the brand new OLED Model, particularly given the rumours surrounding a extra substantial {hardware} improve. Though the console remains to be able to outputting nice visuals, its customized Nvidia Tegra graphics chip is actually beginning to present its age, particularly within the face of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The Switch OLED Model releases October eighth for $449 in Canada (the usual Switch prices $399).

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