Mozilla sunsets Firefox Lite app, factors customers to revamped Firefox for Android

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Mozilla has sundown its Firefox Lite browser for Android. As of June thirtieth, Mozilla will now not present updates or safety patches to Firefox Lite and it gained’t be accessible for obtain on the Google Play Store. However, anybody who already has the app put in can proceed to make use of it in the event that they select.

Mozilla confirmed the tip of help for Firefox Lite in a weblog publish, directing customers to obtain the Firefox for Android app as a substitute.

Firefox Lite was, as its identify implied, meant to be a stripped-down, light-weight model of Mozilla’s cell browser. Android Police factors out that the app by no means actually achieved that aim. Mozilla launched Firefox Lite beneath the identify ‘Firefox Rocket’ in 2017. It was designed for Indonesia and targeted on efficiency and minimized knowledge use. In 2018, Mozilla modified the identify to Firefox Lite, however the identify flip-flopped backwards and forwards a couple of occasions till the two.0 replace in 2019.

In 2020, Mozilla added some pointless options to Firefox Lite, contributing to bloat. Given the app was meant to be light-weight, bloat isn’t what you wish to see. Android Police notes that Mozilla provides advertisements to the browser’s notifications and new tab web page. The firm additionally added a brand new journey characteristic that wasn’t superb and have become utterly ineffective when the pandemic shut down journey only a month after it launched.

Anyway, Firefox Lite is gone. If you haven’t tried Mozilla’s revamped Firefox for Android browser, it’s really actually good. Some folks have taken situation with the restricted variety of add-ons accessible for it, however contemplating add-ons aren’t accessible with principally another cell browser, having a restricted quantity is a big step up.

You can obtain Firefox for Android without spending a dime on the Google Play Store.

Source: Mozilla Via: Android Police

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