Costco is not promoting iTunes present playing cards in Canada

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Costco has ceased gross sales of iTunes present playing cards in Canada.

As reported by iPhone in Canada, the wholesale retail large has eliminated the iTunes playing cards from its web site and listings for its inside warehouse programs.

The outlet notes that this modification was finalized the morning of July sixth and that the playing cards at the moment are “slated for deletion.”

It’s unclear whether or not all Costco shops will cease promoting the playing cards as nicely. MobileSyrup has reached out to Costco Canada for extra data and can replace this story as soon as a response has been obtained.

In any occasion, Costco’s web site will little doubt be missed amongst Canadian iTunes card deal hunters. For years, the retailer has commonly provided as a lot as 16 p.c off numerous denominations of iTunes playing cards, which, in flip, might be used on media purchases, subscriptions like Apple One and extra.

Image credit score: Flickr — Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine

Source: iPhone in Canada

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