Wear OS 3.0 brings with it a refreshed Play Store

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Google is engaged on an enormous improve for Wear OS that may make substantial modifications to the platform, add a slew of latest options, and enhance the wearable platform’s efficiency. Now, in response to a Reddit consumer (reported by 9to5Google), the wearable’s Google Play Store is getting a brand new design.

u/alehel reported receiving the refreshed Play Store look in a single day on their Suunto 7 Wear OS smartwatch. The new design makes use of pill-shaped card design for the checklist, the font additionally seems to be modified, and the consumer interface seems to be a little bit smaller and extra compact, which inserts higher on a tiny display screen and provides the OS cleaner and general extra trendy look.

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Additionally, the pictures present a Play Store UI that doesn’t look cramped. Each merchandise is listed on a pill-shaped card with the app’s icon on the left adopted by the app’s title on the fitting and its consumer ranking talked about under. This change is a welcome one because it makes objects listed on the small display screen seem tidier and extra readable.

Apart from Reddit consumer u/alehel, the brand new Google Play Store replace has not been reported by others, so it might take a while earlier than Google pushes out a wider rollout.

Image credit score: u/alehel 

Via: 9to5Google

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