Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 may cost round $200 lower than its predecessor

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is now rumoured to launch on August eleventh, and on high of that, the machine will reportedly be fairly a bit cheaper than its predecessor.

According to @FrontTron, the Z Flip 3 shall be promoting for $1,249 USD (roughly $1,540 CAD), which is $200 lower than its predecessor. This report mentions the 8GB/256GB variants, though it appears attainable that this may solely be the Z Flip 3 mannequin.

When the Z Flip 5G launched in Canada the machine was priced at $2,019.99, so if we see the same value drop in Canada we might be a Z Flip 3 that prices $1,819.99. Considering the worth conversion for the Z Flip 3 in Canada is roughly $1,540 CAD, I hope we see an much more reasonably priced value distinction in Canada.

It’s price taking this leak with a grain of salt, as smartphones should not typically cheaper than their predecessors (not saying we haven’t seen it earlier than, however it’s not price getting your hopes up.) Samsung is rumoured to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Z Fold 3, two pairs of Galaxy Watch 4s and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 on August eleventh.

Source: FrontTron

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