Samsung Unpacked occasion reportedly scheduled for August 11

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A report from South Korea signifies that Samsung’s subsequent Unpacked occasion is scheduled for early August.

DigitalDailyNews says it confirmed with Samsung that its subsequent Unpacked occasion is slated for August eleventh.

The occasion is rumoured to begin at 10am ET and shall be streamed on YouTube. There’s no information on whether or not this occasion shall be online-only, nonetheless.

DigitalDailyNews additionally signifies that Samsung will unveil 5 merchandise on the occasion: the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Z Flip 3, two totally different variations of the Galaxy Watch 4 Active (although current leaks point out that it’s the usual mannequin launching and never the ‘Active’ variant) and the Galaxy Buds 2. 

Oddly, what’s lacking from the record is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE handsets, though a earlier leak indicated that the FE smartphone will launch later than we anticipated.

While Samsung may be revealing these foldables and extra on the occasion, it’d take just a few weeks earlier than they arrive in Canada, whereas the smartwatches and earbuds will seemingly launch in Canada lots before the handsets.

It’s value taking this leak with a grain of salt as Samsung hasn’t formally stated something about these smartphones. However, an August Unpacked occasion is sensible since at MWC 2021, Samsung did point out that there’d be an Unpacked occasion “later this summer.”

Source: DigitalDailyNews Via: 9to5Google

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