Elon Musk says self-driving tech is difficult, pushes again Tesla software program replace once more

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Elon Musk has as soon as once more taken to Twitter to tweet out a tease about full-self-driving know-how coming to Tesla automobiles. This isn’t the primary time he’s advised the world that Full Self Driving Version 9 (FSD 9) is coming quickly, and it seemingly received’t be the final.

Since 2018, the eccentric CEO has promised Tesla homeowners and followers that the corporate is on the verge of rolling out autonomous automotive know-how and that full self-driving Version 9 will change all the things. So far, he’s about three years not on time on his promise, and from what we’ve seen to date, full Self-Driving isn’t prepared for the lots.

In his most up-to-date tweet, Musk responds to a consumer wh0 named their automotive “Two Weeks” (a joke about how lengthy it’s taken for the FSD software program to return out). He stated, “Haha, FSD 9 beta is shipping soon, I swear! Generalized self-driving is a hard problem, as it requires solving a large part of real-world AI. Didn’t expect it to be so hard, but the difficulty is obvious in retrospect. Nothing has more degrees of freedom than reality.”

To be honest, I’m glad that Telsa isn’t speeding out this tech since it’s hazardous and will have critical implications, however I get only a tiny bit irritated with the entire occasions that Elon has promised one thing after which reneged on it.

Source: The Verge 

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