Chevy bought 1,636 Bolt EVs in Canada throughout Q2 2021

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Chevrolet Canada has revealed that it bought 1,636 Chevy Bolt EVs within the second quarter of 2021.

This isn’t an enormous quantity in comparison with the 9,000 models the corporate bought within the U.S. final quarter, but it surely does present that individuals are reasonably fascinated with Chevy’s base-model EV. Perhaps the brand new residence charger set up incentive the corporate simply introduced will assist promote extra EVs in Q3, too.

What will probably be attention-grabbing to see is how the corporate grows over the following few months and years as extra EVs are added to GM’s fleet.

Coming up, Canadians can count on the Bolt EUV to roll out extra extensively throughout the nation. After that, the Cadillac Lyric and the Hummer Truck will add to GM’s lineup in 2022.

Source: GM 

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