California driver ticketed for mounting Starlink dish to hood of automobile

Tesla autos typically make it into the information when folks do silly issues like flossing their tooth whereas Autopilot cruises at over 130km/h. Well, Elon Musk’s different firm, SpaceX, has discovered its means into the information due to vehicular shenanigans: somebody mounted a Starlink terminal on the hood of their automobile.

Spotted by The Verge, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer stopped a Toyota Prius on Friday that was driving round with what seems lots like a Starlink dish on the hood. The CHP shared images on its Facebook web page together with the next change between officer and driver:

“Sir I stopped you today for that visual obstruction on your hood. Does it not block your view while driving? Motorist: Only when I make right turns.”

CNBC additionally picked up the story, including {that a} CHP consultant instructed them the driving force mentioned they used the antenna to get Wi-Fi service for a enterprise they operated out of the automobile. CHP ticketed the driving force — state legal guidelines probit view-obstructions on autos, equivalent to objects hanging from the rearview mirror, poorly positioned GPS mounts or, uh, hood-mounted satellite tv for pc dishes.

We’re more likely to see extra circumstances of Starlink terminals mounted on autos sooner or later (though, hopefully not on the hood). Back in March, Musk tweeted about bringing Starlink to plane, ships, massive vehicles, RVs and different massive transportation. Specifically, Musk mentioned not Tesla vehicles for the reason that “terminal is much too big.” Presumably, that will prolong to non-Tesla vehicles, though the Prius driver demonstrated it might work if having the ability to see whenever you make a proper flip isn’t essential to you.

SpaceX additionally made a request to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make Starlink a cellular choice. The following month, Musk tweeted that Starlink must be “fully mobile later this year.” Starlink customers are at the moment instructed to arrange their terminals on the places they enter at checkout and never transfer them round.

An image of the Starlink terminal (Source: Starlink)

Once Starlink is cleared to be used on the go, I count on it’ll develop into a well-liked choice for folks with RVs. It’ll in all probability additionally develop into extra frequent to see Starlink terminals mounted to autos, though hopefully not on the hood.

Seriously. Don’t mount your Starlink terminal to the hood of your automobile.

Image credit score: CHP Officer T. Caton (Facebook)

Source: CHP Facebook Via: The Verge, CNBC

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