Windows 11 swaps Blue Screen of Death for scarier Black Screen of Death

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Windows 11 will carry a ton of visible modifications and tweaks to Microsoft’s desktop OS. However, it could additionally carry a change to the much-dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD).

According to The Verge, Microsoft will change the blue to black, bringing concerning the a lot scarier sounding Black Screen of Death. Beyond the color, the display screen appears similar to Windows 10. Users will nonetheless get the 🙁 face, a message about their machine working into an issue and needing to restart and details about the cease code, crash dump and a QR code to scan and lookup what went fallacious.

It’s price noting, nonetheless, that the Black Screen of Death isn’t enabled but in Windows 11. Part of that’s as a result of Windows 11 is simply out there in preview proper now, and Microsoft has used a Green Screen of Death for Windows Insider builds since 2016. That mentioned, it appears the ultimate Windows 11 launch may have a Black Screen of Death.

Gizmodo reported that there’s a method to allow the BSOD on the Windows 11 preview construct, but it surely looks as if a whole lot of effort one thing you hopefully gained’t should see.

As for why Microsoft taking the BSOD to the darkish aspect, nicely, it’s not likely clear. The Verge suggests it’s seemingly a part of the broader visible redesign coming with Windows 11, which additionally has new black logon and shutdown screens.

Gizmodo additionally factors out that the color change might confuse some long-time Windows customers. The BSOD goes all the best way again to Windows 3.0, whereas the black display screen sometimes seems when Windows freezes throughout an OS set up. Given that solely the color of the BSOD is altering, not the content material, I’m undecided it’ll confuse too many individuals.

Still, Windows 11 is way from finalized and, like anything, issues might change. If Microsoft goes via with the brand new Black Screen of Death, I believe we’ll see another minor modifications to it. Or, Windows 11 might ship with the basic blue.

Either manner, not less than I don’t have to vary the acronym.

Source: The Verge Via: Gizmodo

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