Qualcomm CEO says firm can beat Apple’s chips due to Nuvia acquisition

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Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon believes the corporate can have the most effective chip in the marketplace due to a current acquisition that introduced chip architects that previously labored on Apple’s processors.

In an interview with Reuters, Amon spoke about Qualcomm’s plans for laptop computer CPUs, which embrace taking over Apple’s M1 chips whereas competing with Intel and AMD for market share on Windows. Amon informed Reuters that neither Intel nor AMD have chips as vitality environment friendly as Apple’s, however he prompt Qualcomm may.

Amon went on to clarify that if Qualcomm had been to rival Apple, it might want to maneuver away from utilizing ARM chip blueprints from U.Ok.-based Arm and create its personal custom-designed chips. For that, Qualcomm will depend on the current $1.4 billion USD (roughly $1.73 billion CAD) acquisition of Nuvia, which incorporates former Apple chip designers.

“We needed to have the leading performance for a battery-powered device. If Arm, which we’ve had a relationship with for years, eventually develops a CPU that’s better than what we can build ourselves, then we always have the option to license from Arm,” Amon informed Reuters.

Qualcomm plans to start out promoting Nuvia-based laptop computer chips subsequent 12 months.

For now, the corporate’s focus stays on laptops. Amon informed Reuters that Qualcomm has no plans to construct its personal chips for different huge CPU markets like information centres, though it does plan to licence Nuvia designs to cloud computing corporations that wish to make their very own chips.

Amon additionally spoke about plans to “go big” in China and benefit from U.S. sanctions on Huawei. Amon additionally doesn’t appear frightened by Apple’s plans to construct its personal 5G chips for iPhone (Qualcomm’s 5G modems at present energy the iPhone 12 line). He informed Reuters that Qualcomm has many years of expertise designing modem chips — Amon thinks will probably be tough for any rival to copy that have.

Source: Reuters

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