Telegram provides group video calls, display screen sharing talents and extra

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Telegram has lastly added group video calls to its cellular and desktop apps after promising the function final yr.

Voice chats in any group can now be became group video calls by tapping the digital camera icon to change video on. Tapping on any video will make it fullscreen. If you pin a video, it would stay in focus as new customers be a part of the decision. Users are additionally capable of share their screens throughout video calls.

Telegram notes that whereas audio-only members are limitless, video is at present obtainable for the primary 30 individuals who be a part of the voice chat. It says this restrict will improve quickly.

The firm additionally added many different options reminiscent of improved noise suppression and animated backgrounds.

Earlier this yr, Telegram gained a major variety of customers after WhatsApp confronted controversy for its new privateness coverage.

However, Telegram’s launch of group video calls lags fairly far behind its competitors, as the corporate had promised to roll them out again in April 2020 in the direction of the beginning of the pandemic when folks had been getting accustomed to video calling.

Regardless, it’s an ideal addition for customers who’ve been anticipating the function.

Source: Telegram

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