Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro will reportedly nonetheless launch this yr

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Apple’s anticipated MacBook Pro refresh that’s rumoured to incorporate a completely new design that includes decreased bezels, a sooner model of the M1 chip and even an SD card slot will reportedly nonetheless arrive this yr, in line with Mark Gurman’s ‘Power On’ Bloomberg publication.

In previous experiences, Gurman has stated that an HDMI port and MagSafe expertise can be coming to the brand new MacBook Pro alongside the above-mentioned options. In his publication, Gurman says that “the next several weeks are destined to be light on product news, but new MacBook Pros are still expected this year. Even if the MacBook Pros aren’t released in the next few weeks, a summer release is still possible as summer runs until mid-September.”

With this launch window in thoughts, it looks as if Apple may have plans to launch the brand new MacBook Pro alongside its annual iPhone and Apple Watch refresh.

The up to date M1 chip included within the new Pro is anticipated to characteristic eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores and can be out there in 16 or 32 graphics core variations.

Similar to the rumours surrounding Apple’s iPhone 13 sequence and Apple Watch Series 7, we’ll probably begin to see extra leaks surrounding the brand new MacBook Pro as its reported launch date attracts nearer.

Apple’s M1-powered MacBook Pro was launched again in November 2020.

Source: Bloomberg 

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