RBC Direct Investing launches web-based Trading Dashboard

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RBC Direct Investing has introduced the launch of a brand new customizable web-based Trading Dashboard.

The dashboard is offered at no cost to all of its shoppers. RBC notes that the dashboard contains a number of options that make it straightforward for self-directed buyers to observe and commerce simply.

Users will have the ability to customise what they see by way of interactive parts and widgets to make it simpler to view market information.

Further, RBC outlines that the dashboard contains “advanced charting capabilities, drawing tools, and real-time visual indicators to give investors an in-depth picture of North American equity markets, making it easier to spot opportunities and act on them.”

News and analysis will even be accessible on the dashboard. It additionally shows video tutorials to assist shoppers get began and benefit from the dashboard.

“This is such an exciting time for self-directed investors and the online brokerage industry, as we continue to see more Canadians choosing to start trading themselves,” stated RBC Direct Investing CEO Lori Darlington, in an announcement.

“We’re committed to enabling this trend and responding to the needs of both new and more experienced investors. We’ll continue to innovate, to deliver additional capabilities to support our clients.”

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