How to look at Microsoft’s ‘What’s subsequent for Windows’ occasion on June 24

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Microsoft is about to unveil “what’s next for Windows” at a digital occasion on Thursday, June twenty fourth.

If you’re curious about tuning in to see what’s new, right here’s find out how to do it. First, the occasion kicks off at 11am ET/8am PT. Microsoft will dwell stream the occasion on-line — you possibly can watch it right here.

That’s actually all there may be to it. The firm is anticipated to announce a brand new model of Windows, seemingly known as Windows 11. It’ll characteristic an all-new design and certain enhancements to options, productiveness, efficiency and extra.

There are additionally rumours that Microsoft will unveil an all-new Store app expertise that might be extra dependable and supply much-needed enhancements for builders.

You can try a full rundown of what to anticipate from the Microsoft Windows occasion right here.

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