XCOM 2 Collection is coming to Android on July thirteenth

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Feral Interactive is bringing Firaxis Games’ turn-based techniques online game XCOM 2 Collection to Android on July thirteenth.

Back in 2016, the title was launched for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Additionally, a Switch port dropped in May 2020.

XCOM 2 Collection options 4 DLC packs that provide no in-app purchases. It’s unclear how a lot the sport will value in Canada, however on iOS, XCOM 2 Collection value $34.99 at launch.

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Feral Interactive has revamped XCOM 2 Collection UI with cell touchscreen enter in thoughts and now calls it the “Command Interface.”

Of course, the sport’s traditional turn-based fight stays intact, and also you’re additionally nonetheless capable of customise every soldier’s look, loadout and talents.

You can pre-register for the sport, right here.

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