Municipality-led challenge to carry high-speed web to over 60,000 properties in Ontario

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Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) has awarded contracts for 95 initiatives in southwestern Ontario.

SWIFT is a non-profit municipality-led regional broadband challenge that’s delivered in partnership with the federal government of Ontario and Canada.

This challenge contains $268 million in investments to carry high-speed web entry to households and companies throughout the area by 2023.

The regional challenge, in partnership with native ISPs, will carry high-speed web connectivity to 63,254 places throughout Southwestern Ontario, exceeding this system’s focused 50,000 premises handed by 27 %.

“Our government continues to deliver on its commitment to bring faster, more reliable internet access to every corner of the province,” stated Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson.

“By finalizing these 95 contracts, we will soon connect thousands of additional families and businesses in Southwestern Ontario to the modern broadband they need and deserve.”

Through this system, 5,221km of fibre-optic cabling will probably be laid all through the area. The challenge will carry high-speed web entry to 345 communities, together with 4 First Nations.

Source: SWIFT

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