You can obtain, however not play, the Stadia for Android TV app

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Google has created a list for Stadia on Android TV units, and you’ll obtain it now.

I downloaded the app on my Chromecast with Google TV, however as soon as I opened it, I used to be greeted with a message that stated the app isn’t out there but.

When Google introduced that Stadia was lastly coming to Android TVs and the brand new Chromecast initially of June, the corporate did point out that the service would arrive on the twenty third. So it’s not that unusual which you could’t play the app up to now.

In the Play Store itemizing, it reveals a screenshot that includes celebration chat, which is one thing that’s nonetheless not out there on Stadia’s cellular app.

It’s additionally price noting that ‘Stadia for Android TV’ and ‘Stadia’ are two totally different apps, with the latter being for telephones and tablets. 9to5Google even notes that the TV model of the app solely takes up a sparse 56MB of area, which is appreciated on units like the brand new Chromecast with its measly 4.4GB reminiscence.

Source:  9to5Google

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