Xbox hires former Stadia director for cloud gaming, will reportedly work on subsequent Kojima venture

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Former Google Stadia sport design director Kim Swift has been employed by Microsoft as a senior director at Xbox Cloud Gaming, the corporate’s sport streaming division.

Swift had been working at Stadia Games & Entertainment, Stadia’s inner first-party growth wing, till Google shuttered the studio in February. Prior to Google, Swift performed a key function within the growth of Valve’s acclaimed Portal and Left 4 Dead collection.

“Kim is going to build a team focused on new experiences in the cloud, something that’s going to support our mission of bringing our Xbox games to connect 3 billion gamers to play our games,” Xbox Game Studios publishing boss Peter Wyse instructed Polygon in a latest interview.

Interestingly, VentureBeat‘s Jeff Grubb, a credible games industry tipster, says Swift was specifically hired by Xbox to work on the next project from legendary games director Hideo Kojima. The Metal Gear creator most recently worked with PlayStation on the action-adventure game Death Stranding, which is getting a ‘director’s lower’ on PS5. His subsequent venture is “still in the early design phases,” in line with Grubb.

In April, Grubb reported that Xbox was “in talks” with Kojima about publishing his subsequent sport, though he famous then {that a} deal had not been closed. While a deal has nonetheless not been finalized, in line with Grubb, Swift’s hiring was made “in part to specifically aid Kojima.” Grubb says it’s because he had beforehand been discussing working with Stadia on his subsequent sport. VideoGameChronicle editor Andy Robinson, one other credible business determine, corroborated this on Twitter.

Kojima had been Google as a doable associate based mostly on his curiosity in creating video games for the cloud, which he’d expressed publicly main as much as the discharge of Death Stranding.

“I think within the next few years, gaming will move on to streaming,” Kojima instructed the BBC in November 2019. “I’m very interested in the new format of game that will appear on [streaming]. And that’s what I want to take on.”

Given that data, it appears that evidently Xbox is leveraging its intensive cloud gaming work and Swift’s new hiring to win over Kojima. Overall, Xbox has long-term plans for streaming know-how that Kojima would possibly discover interesting. Included at no further price as a part of a $16.99 CAD/month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Xbox Cloud Gaming service is presently obtainable in beta on iOS, Android and browsers and gives the flexibility to stream many dozens of titles.

Additionally, Xbox lately confirmed that it’s going to increase Cloud Gaming by way of devoted streaming units, sensible TV apps, console streaming and extra. This is a part of the corporate’s bigger effort to convey its titles to the three billion individuals who play video games globally, notably on cell.

“[Xbox boss] Phil [Spencer] always talks about that journey of getting the three billion players,” Wyse instructed Polygon. “I do get super excited about the idea of high-fidelity gaming on a phone […] that’s the carrot I keep chasing, for sure.”

It stays to be seen whether or not Kojima and Xbox will in the end shut a deal.

Image credit score: Wikimedia Commons/Flickr

Source: VentureBeat

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