Samsung proclaims Galaxy MWC Virtual Event for June 28

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Samsung has introduced a brand new Galaxy MWC Virtual Event for June twenty eighth. The occasion can be on YouTube and live-streamed at 7:15pm CET (1:15pm ET)

At the occasion, we’ll see its imaginative and prescient for the way forward for smartwatches, extra about safety enhancements and improvements which can be designed to offer customers safety.

At this occasion, we don’t anticipate to see the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE or the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Z Flip 3. 

Nonetheless, it must be attention-grabbing to see what Samsung has in retailer with its smartwatches. At Google I/O we discovered that Google is now working with Samsung on Wear OS. Together, the businesses will merge their strengths to supply a platform with higher battery life, a number of apps and higher health monitoring.

So this subsequent Samsung smartwatch might very probably be a Wear OS machine and never Tizen like in earlier years.

Source: Samsung

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