German antitrust watchdog opens investigation into Apple

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Germany’s antitrust watchdog has launched an investigation into Apple to find out whether or not the tech big has exploited its market dominance.

The investigation follows the introduction of recent competitors legal guidelines aimed in the direction of digital giants. Reuters stories that the watchdog, Germany’s Federal Cartel Office (FCO), will examine whether or not Apple has a “paramount significance across markets.”

“Based on this first proceeding, the (FCO) intends to assess in more detail specific practices of Apple in a possible further proceeding. In this regard, the authority has received various complaints relating to potentially anti-competitive practices.”

The watchdog has famous that it obtained a criticism from an promoting firm about Apple limiting consumer monitoring by its new knowledge privateness function.

For context, builders at the moment are required to ask customers for his or her permission to trace them throughout apps and web sites with iOS 14.5.

A spokesperson for Apple advised Reuters that the corporate seems to be “forward to discussing our approach with the FCO and having an open dialogue about any of their concerns.”

The FCO has not too long ago launched comparable investigations into Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Source: Reuters

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