Feds announce investments to advance Canadian AI applied sciences

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The federal authorities has introduced investments by way of Canada’s Scale AI supercluster to help and advance Canadian AI applied sciences.

Scale AI unveiled 4 tasks receiving $35 million in funding. The investments goal to assist corporations emerge as international leaders in AI.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming the way people live, work and conduct business,” mentioned Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne in a information launch.

“Scale AI is leveraging this competitive advantage by advancing innovative and collaborative projects, such as those we announced today, to create a more resilient supply chain while strengthening Canada’s position as a global leader in artificial intelligence.”

The investments are geared toward serving to Canadian Tire, Kruger Products, Kermira Group and MCI Onehealth to undertake and develop superior AI applied sciences responsibly.

“From optimizing the real time supply chain for premium tissue & towel products to creating a datadriven AI solution that optimizes the allocation of physicians across various clinics, these projects are reflective of our ecosystem’s endless possibilities,” Scale AI notes.

The 4 tasks unveiled at this time carry the full variety of Scale AI tasks to greater than 150, representing greater than $200 million of investments into AI industry-led tasks and applications.

Source: Scale AI

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