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Costco is holding a ‘Spend and Get’ promotion

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Costco’s Spend and Get promotion will web you large returns if you spend your cash.

The promotion affords a $100 on-line voucher if you spend between $500 and $999 earlier than taxes on Costco’s net retailer. Additionally, you may declare a $200 on-line voucher if you spend $1,000 or extra on Costco’s website.

To declare the voucher, buy something which falls beneath the aforementioned value vary and enter promo code BONUS2021 throughout checkout. The on-line voucher will probably be despatched to your Costco-registered e mail deal with inside 4 to seven enterprise days from the date the order will get shipped.

It’s value noting that this supply is just legitimate for purchasers who spend between $500 and $999 or $1000+ on twenty first and twenty second June, in order that’s right now and tomorrow.

Here are a couple of notable electronics which you can buy from Costco to assert your on-line voucher:

You don’t essentially must buy electronics to qualify for the coupon. Anything that provides as much as $500 to $999 or $1,000+ will qualify you to obtain the voucher.

Source: Costco

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