Clubhouse might have by chance leaked its upcoming personal messaging function

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Clubhouse might have by chance leaked an upcoming personal messaging function for the favored social audio platform.

Tweets and display screen recordings have revealed that Clubhouse leaked the function to some customers just a few days in the past. The Verge stories that the messaging function is named ‘Backchannel’ and that it could primarily enable customers to speak by way of textual content versus the app’s normal audio options.

It seems that Backchannel was not talked about within the app’s launch notes for its newest replace. Further, customers who’ve seen the function within the app notice that it appears to be like fairly unfinished. It’s unknown how lengthy the function was dwell, however Clubhouse swiftly eliminated it shortly after.

Clubhouse has indirectly acknowledged the function and instructed The Verge in an announcement that “Clubhouse regularly explores and tests potential features. These functions sometimes become part of the app, sometimes they don’t. We do not comment on potential features.”

As Clubhouse began gaining recognition final 12 months, a number of digital giants together with Twitter and Facebook rushed to clone its social audio providing. It now looks as if Clubhouse is testing new methods to retain customers as different firms begin rolling out their audio options.

It’s value noting that it’s unknown if Clubhouse really plans to launch the messaging function extensively, as nothing has been confirmed.

Via: Clubhouse

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