Hidden Epic Store itemizing suggests Final Fantasy VII Remake could come to PC

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Final Fantasy VII Remake followers hoping for the sport to make its technique to PC after a interval of PlayStation exclusivity could also be in luck — a little bit of leaked knowledge from the Epic Games Store on PC suggests FFVII Remake may arrive on the platform sooner or later.

ResetEra discussion board person ‘Fusionterra’ noticed the main points in a database itemizing linked to the Epic Games Store (you could find the total itemizing right here, courtesy of EpicKnowledge, which tracks Epic Store data like sport costs). At first look, the ‘Pineapple QA’ itemizing doesn’t appear to be a lot, however below the ‘customAttributes’ heading is a ‘CloudSaveFolder’ part that incorporates the next worth: “{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/.”

Below that could be a ‘CloudExcludeList’ part which mentions “ff7remakedevice.sav.” However, the Pineapple QA itemizing has since been up to date to ‘Pineapple QA_OLD,’ eradicating each FFVII Remake references.

Aside from these two since-removed references, there isn’t another info within the database itemizing. Unfortunately, that leaves no clue about when FFVII Remake will come to PC.

Rock Paper Shotgun factors out that Square Enix beforehand introduced Kingdom Hearts to PC via the Epic Game Store. Plus, with Sony working to make extra of its PlayStation exclusives accessible on PC, it’s not a stretch that FFVII Remake would get the identical therapy from Square Enix.

However, some of us are involved that the sport may arrive as an Epic Games Store unique. While irritating for die-hard Steam followers, a minimum of then FFVII Remake can be playable on PC. Of course, it might be a bit early to take a position on that — all we’ve bought to go on is a reference in a database itemizing to this point.

Source: ResetEra, EpicKnowledge Via: Rock Paper Shotgun

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