Tamagotchi’s new smartwatch is probably going nonetheless higher than Wear OS

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Somehow, the Tamagotchi model continues to be taking the world by storm, and the latest “Tama-innovation” is a Tamagotchi and a smartwatch mixed into one fairly ugly system.

Unfortunately, it looks as if Bandai put almost no effort into the Tamagotchi smartwatch’s general design. It fairly actually seems like the corporate caught a daily Tamagotchi to a watch strap and referred to as it a day.

In phrases of options, the brand new wearable contains voice controls and a number of other further characters. There’s additionally contact performance that permits you to pet your digital creature.

[embedded content]

Beyond that, it looks as if a reasonably lacklustre new addition to the ever-expanding Tamagotchi line, particularly when there are barely extra attention-grabbing units on the market just like the Tamagotchi Pix. However, even in that case, the Pix’s built-in digicam doesn’t actually add a lot to the general expertise.

As of proper now, this Tamagotchi-smartwatch mixture system is barely obtainable by way of a particular attract Japan.

Source: Kotaku 

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