Nothing’s ‘Ear 1’ earbuds delayed, with plans to launch a bit later this summer time

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Carl Pei’s ‘Nothing’ firm initially deliberate to unveil its first product, the ‘Ear 1’ earbuds, this month. However, the anticipated earbuds are being pushed again.

Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, took to Twitter to substantiate that the “ear (1)s” will come out a bit later as a result of “there are a few things left to finalize.”

The Ear 1 earbuds are Nothing’s first-ever product,

While we don’t precisely know what the earbuds will appear to be, we have now considerably of an concept. Previously, Pei confirmed off a clear render of the earbuds and indicated that they had been impressed by “a grandmother’s tobacco pipe.”

Source: Carl Pei

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