How to look at Xbox’s post-E3 ‘Xbox Games Showcase Extended’

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Following its main June thirteenth Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Xbox is making ready to carry a “post-show” of types titled ‘Xbox Games Showcase Extended.’

Hosted by Gamertag Radio’s Parris Lilly, the present will start on Thursday, June seventeenth at 1pm ET/10am PT and have “conversations” with a wide range of members of the Xbox Game Studios groups and companions. In some instances, this shall be an enlargement of what we noticed at Xbox’s E3 2021-adjacent present, corresponding to 343 Industries (Halo Infinite), Playground (Forza Horizon 5) and Double Fine (Psychonauts 2).

Given that this seems to have extra of a roundtable format, it’s essential to go in not anticipating main bulletins. Instead, builders will possible reveal some fascinating tales in regards to the making of their upcoming video games.

That stated, we’ll additionally at the very least hear about video games that didn’t make an look at Xbox’s huge present, together with Ninja Theory’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, which has largely gone darkish since its December 2019 reveal. Ninja Theory is promising a “behind-the-scenes” replace on the sport’s growth.

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You’ll have the ability to tune in on YouTube and Twitch.

In the meantime, try our breakdown of the highest 5 bulletins out of E3 and Summer Game Fest, together with Xbox’s huge Game Pass showcase.

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