Rogers expands 5G community to Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Rogers introduced an enlargement to its 5G community that can deliver the subsequent era of wi-fi connectivity to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

According to a launch from the provider, residents and companies “in parts of Halifax” now have entry to 5G. Further, Rogers will quickly broaden 5G into neighbouring communities.

“We are proud to be the first to offer 5G connectivity to the residents and businesses of Halifax,” stated Matt MacLellan, Rogers’ president of the Atlantic area.

Rogers additionally identified that it was first to deliver 5G to Atlantic Canada, beginning with Fredericton in 2020, adopted by Moncton and Saint John, reaching a complete of 12 communities throughout the area. Rogers’ 5G community is powered by Ericsson, and the corporate says it gives 5G entry to half the Canadian inhabitants with availability in over 700 communities nationwide. Finally, Rogers dedicated to reaching 1,000 communities by the top of the yr.

While it’s nice to see Rogers working to broaden 5G to extra locations, it’s vital to notice that present 5G networks in Canada lack a few of the predominant advantages of the next-gen community expertise. In most locations, 5G continues to be constructed on a 4G core. It should supply sooner speeds, however that’s concerning the extent of it.

However, with the 3500MHz spectrum public sale that kicked off this week, carriers will lastly have the ability to get a few of the mid-band, or ‘Sub-6,’ spectrum important to rolling out high-speed, low-latency 5G networks. Once carriers begin to deploy Sub-6 5G, Canadians ought to begin experiencing extra of 5G’s advantages.

Source: Rogers

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