Toronto-based Snowman broadcasts Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City

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Toronto-based Snowman is engaged on a brand new entry in its critically-acclaimed Alto sequence, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City.

Unlike earlier entries within the sequence, the sport is about to be a part of Apple Arcade, the tech large’s $5.99 per 30 days recreation subscription service, and might be playable throughout iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV at launch.

Rather than a completely new title, The Lost City appears extra like an growth pack to 2018’s Alto’s Odyssey, a recreation that builds on Alto’s Adventure‘s glorious endless-runner mechanics in significant methods.

While Snowman hasn’t revealed a lot about Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City but, a tweet from the official Apple Arcade Twitter account signifies that it options “new adventures to explore” and “mechanics to discover.” A short video additionally exhibits off what appears like a brand new world. The title’s Apple Arcade description additionally reads as follows:

“Join Alto and his friends on an endless sandboarding journey to find The Lost City and unearth the secrets hidden within. Soar above windswept dunes, traverse thrilling canyons, explore ancient temples and delve into vast caverns in a fantastical place far from home.”

It’s unclear when the sport will arrive on Apple Arcade. MobileSyrup may have extra on Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City within the coming weeks.

Apple additionally introduced that Angry Birds Reloaded, a remake of the just about retro cell title, is coming to Apple Arcade, together with Doodle God Universe, a remake of the traditional world-building recreation.

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