These iOS 15 options require an iPhone XS or newer

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As is the case with almost each Apple working system (OS) replace, not all of iOS 15’s key new options shall be obtainable to each iPhone that helps the OS replace.

For instance, whereas iOS 15 does certainly run on the iPhone 6s and newer, a couple of particular options are unique to the iPhone XS/XR and newer.

Below is a full record of all of the iOS 15 options that can solely be obtainable on newer iPhones.

Spatial Audio on FaceTime

This characteristic spreads our callers’ voices in order that they sound like they’re coming from the route they’re positioned in on the show in the course of the name.

Portrait Mode on FaceTime

Apple’s video chat platform now helps blurred backgrounds with ‘Portrait Mode.’

Live textual content in pictures

Like Google Lens, now you can look-up, translate and replica and paste textual content present in pictures you’ve shot.

New 3D globe in Apple Maps

Apple’s extra detailed model of Apple Maps will solely be obtainable on newer iPhones.

Better strolling instructions in Maps

The augmented actuality (AR) instructions coming to Maps with iOS 15 received’t work on older iPhones

Weather app animated backgrounds

While a few of these omissions make sense, this one is a bit on the market. The new animations featured in Apple’s Weather app aren’t coming to older iPhones that assist iOS 15.

On-device speech processing

Only iPhones that assist Apple’s Neural Engine embody this characteristic

New Key assist in pockets

Though it’s unlikely we’ll see this characteristic in Canada, solely the iPhone XR/XS and newer will assist new Wallet codecs, together with home, lodge, workplace and automobile keys.

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