Netflix’s Spotify collection has began manufacturing

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Netflix‘s unnamed scripted series based on Spotify, the Swedish start-up that transformed the music business and grew to become one of the world’s greatest music providers, has began manufacturing.

The six-part collection will deal with a younger Swedish tech entrepreneur Daniel Ek (performed by Edvin Endre), who shook up the music {industry} by offering free and licensed music to individuals all around the world.

The fictional collection might be produced by Yellow Bird U.Ok. and is predicated on the e book Spotify Untold by Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud, each enterprise reporters at Swedish Dagens Industri. The e book has been translated into Chinese, Bulgarian, Russian and Thai, amongst different languages.

In addition to Endre taking part in Ek, Per Sundin (former Universal Music Sweden managing director and early Spotify supporter)  is performed by Ulf Stenberg, Petra Hansson (one of many architects of Spotify’s freemium enterprise mannequin ) is performed by Gizem Erdogan, Andreas Ehn (ex-Spotify CTO ) is performed by Joel Lützow, and Martin Lorentzon (Spotify co-founder) is performed by Christian Hillborg whereas Per-Olav Srensen might be directing the collection.

The collection is predicted to launch in 2022.

Source: Netflix

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