Google to roll out new ‘Companion Mode’ expertise for Meet

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Google will launch a brand new second display screen ‘Companion Mode’ expertise in Google Meet to make hybrid conferences simpler.

“Companion Mode gives every meeting participant, no matter where they are, access to interactive features and controls like polls, in-meeting chat, hand raising, Q&A, live captions, and more,” Google notes.

“Colleagues who are in the same meeting room together will enable Companion Mode on their personal devices, giving them their own video tile in Meet and helping them to stay connected with their remote teammates.”

The search large notes that Companion Mode can be accessible on the internet and Google Meet’s upcoming progressive internet app in September. It can be coming to cellular quickly.

Google additionally opened up its Workspace providing to all customers free of charge. This implies that customers not require an enterprise account to make use of further options in Meet, Docs, Drive and extra.

The firm can be launching a paid model known as ‘Google Workspace Individual’ for small companies. Workspace Individual is rolling out quickly in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and Japan.

Source: Google

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