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Get 7,500 PC Optimum factors with the acquisition of $50 Uber Eats or Netflix reward card

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Shoppers Drug Mart is providing 7,500 bonus PC Optimum factors while you spend $50 on an Uber Eats or Netflix reward card in-store.

The factors work out to $7.50 in worth and whereas that isn’t an exorbitant quantity, reward card reductions are a uncommon prevalence so the Shoppers promotion is the one manner you get a deal on a present card.

This promotion is simply obtainable at Shoppers Drug Mart shops, and you could stack bonus factors by buying a number of $50.00 reward playing cards, however retailers have the proper to restrict buy portions.

It’s really useful that whereas testing, you scan your PC Optimum card first after which pay for the reward card.

The provide began on June twelfth and is predicted to finish on June 18th.

Learn extra concerning the provide right here. Learn extra about PC Optimum factors right here.

Source: Shoppers Drug Mart

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