Square Enix unveils Canadian-made ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ recreation, releasing October 2021

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Square Enix has introduced Guardians of the Galaxy, a brand new recreation from its Eidos Montreal studio based mostly on the eponymous Marvel comics property.

Like final yr’s Marvel’s Avengers, the GOTG recreation might be an unique tackle the cosmic superhero workforce, moderately than one based mostly on the James Gunn movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It might be a single-player, “story-driven” recreation moderately than Square Enix’s multiplayer stay service recreation, Marvel’s Avengers.

The announcement got here throughout Square Enix’s E3 2021 ‘Presents’ stream, throughout which the primary trailer was proven:

[embedded content]

In the sport, you play as Peter Quill/Star-Lord in third-person motion fight, with the remainder of the Guardians being managed by the pc. However, you may subject instructions to the opposite Guardians to carry out team-up strikes. Dan Abnett, a author who’s penned Guardians comics for Marvel, is working with Eidos Montreal on the story.

A deep dive into the gameplay could be seen under:

[embedded content]

Guardians of the Galaxy will launch October twenty sixth, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

It’s value noting that Eurogamer and Kotaku each reported approach again in January 2017 on the existence of Eidos Montreal’s GOTG. At the time, Eurogamer famous that Square Enix had cancelled Eidos Montreal’s deliberate sequel to 2016’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and shifted the studio to work on its Marvel tasks.

The first of those was Marvel’s Avengers, on which Eidos Montreal has assisted Crystal Dynamics with growth, whereas the Canadian studio additionally started “the early stages of production” on GOTG. The Canadian studio additionally launched Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2017.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg‘s Jason Schreier — who wrote the unique Kotaku report — reiterated that Eidos Montreal was engaged on GOTG and confirmed it will be the sport at Square Enix Presents.

Image credit score: Square Enix

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