Square Enix Montreal debuts new trailer for Hitman Sniper, coming later this yr

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Square Enix Montreal has supplied the primary full have a look at its upcoming Hitman cell recreation.

First introduced in a cinematic teaser in March as Hitman Sniper Assassins, Square Enix spent a while throughout its E3 2021 ‘Presents’ stream to completely unveil the sport, which is now merely titled Hitman Sniper.

The recreation tells an authentic story set within the Hitman universe centered on The Shadows, a bunch of highly-skilled assassins tasked with taking out a brand new legal community. Diana Burnwood, the handler of most important Hitman protagonist Agent 47, is answerable for overseeing The Shadows.

Square Enix Montreal says the brand new Hitman Sniper attracts inspiration from its 2014 recreation Hitman: Sniper however is in any other case utterly separate. In explicit, the brand new Hitman Sniper can even have gamers scoping out a distant space to control the atmosphere and decide off their targets.

Additionally, Hitman Sniper may have a solid of 5 brand-new characters — the innocent-turned-criminal Stone, the charming however calculated Knight; the stoic Kolzak; the petite however vengeful Soji and the only survivor veteran Kiya.

Check out the complete gameplay trailer under:

[embedded content]

Hitman Sniper will launch later this yr as a free-to-play title on Android and iOS. Specific in-app purchases haven’t but been detailed.

Image credit score: Square Enix

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