Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow is coming to Sea of Thieves

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During Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, the corporate confirmed off an upcoming enlargement for Rare’s Sea of Thieves pirate journey that options characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, together with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.

The enlargement is about to come back to Sea of Thieves without spending a dime on June twenty second.

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According to a tweet relating to the video games reveal, the “ultimate pirate cross-over” consists of new environments, enemies and adventures. It’s unclear if Johnny Depp voices Jack Sparrow within the recreation or if it’s a soundalike voice actor, nevertheless it’s seemingly the latter.

A subsequent weblog publish all calls the enlargement “the game’s most ambitious story-driven campaign to date” and says that it uniquely blends each franchises’ pirate-filled worlds.

Image credit score: Microsoft 

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