‘Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster’ revealed for Steam, cellular, options first six FF video games

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The first six Final Fantasy video games are being re-released on Steam and cellular through replace “Pixel Remasters.”

A short announcement teaser was revealed throughout Square Enix’s E3 2021 ‘Presents’ showcase, by which it was mentioned that it’s going to launch “soon.” These shall be 2D remasters of the unique six numbered FF video games (which launched on the NES and SNES) moderately than full-blown visible updates. However, these received’t be included in a set; they’ll be bought individually as an alternative.

It’s unclear why Square Enix is simply releasing these video games on cellular, particularly as they’re already obtainable in varied kinds on these platforms. Meanwhile, console gamers don’t have any approach to play these basic titles natively on their respective platforms.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Square Enix to substantiate whether or not there are plans to convey these Pixel Remasters to consoles. We’ll replace this story as soon as a response has been acquired.

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