Google searching for suggestions on Android 12 Beta 2 in new survey

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Google is in search of suggestions on Android 12 Beta 2 from these operating the software program.

Those can fill out the survey right here. It kicks off with a query about how glad customers are with Android 12’s notifications, fast settings and the brand new quantity panel.

As a refresher, all three of these modified considerably from Beta 1 to Beta 2. Notifications and fast settings now exist in separate sections, the latter sitting in a black area above the notification panel. Further, the fast settings buttons are extra spherical in Beta 2. Plus, there’s that new ‘Internet’ toggle that mixes Wi-Fi and information into one fast setting. As for the quantity panel, Beta 1’s huge quantity slider was swapped out for a slimmer, easier-to-read panel in Beta 2.

Of course, we will’t overlook that the brand new Material You wallpaper-based color theming system additionally went reside in Beta 2.

Google’s survey asks customers to charge satisfaction with issues like stability, efficiency, battery, digital camera, Bluetooth, name high quality, messaging, Wi-Fi and information connectivity and app expertise.

There are questions on whether or not customers would advocate Android 12 Beta 2 to different individuals and about ‘top issue areas.’ Depending in your high situation, the survey could ask for extra element in a follow-up part.

The survey ought to solely take a couple of minutes to finish. If you’re making an attempt the Android 12 beta, it’s most likely value taking the time to fill it out — suggestions will assist Google enhance the beta and hopefully supply some steerage from customers on which course to take with new design components and different modifications.

Considering Android 12 Beta 2 is likely one of the most downloaded Android betas, there ought to be tons of suggestions headed Google’s manner.

You can entry the survey right here.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google

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