Newer Macs with macOS Monterey can use AirPlay to show one other Mac right into a second show

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Apple introduced expanded AirPlay to Mac computer systems with macOS Monterey, and it reportedly can be utilized to show Mac computer systems into second shows.

According to MacRumors, the updates to AirPlay permit Macs working Monterey to AirPlay content material to different Apple units, together with iPhones, iPads and, most significantly, different Macs. MacRumors says it confirmed that customers can lengthen or mirror their Mac show to a different Mac utilizing AirPlay, successfully permitting any Mac laptop to perform as a second exterior show for some other Mac.

Further, the macOS Monterey options web page notes that AirPlay to Mac works each wirelessly and over a wired connection utilizing a USB-C cable. Wirelessly ought to work nice for most individuals, however utilizing a cable might assist reduce down on any latency.

This is as shut as Apple has come to resurrecting the previous ‘Target Display Mode‘ feature, which allowed some 2009 to 2014 iMacs to serve as an external display for another Mac. That said, Mac-to-Mac AirPlay isn’t an ideal answer — AirPlay does compress video despatched from one Mac to a different and certain has some latency points, particularly over a wi-fi connection.

Still, it’s a terrific add and will turn out to be useful for many individuals who’ve, say, an iMac desktop and a MacE book. It’d be a straightforward strategy to rapidly improve your workstation right into a multi-monitor setup. Of course, should you don’t already personal two supported Mac units, it will probably be cheaper to only purchase a second monitor as an alternative of an entire new Mac.

Mac-to-Mac AirPlay requires a 2018 or later MacE book Pro or Air, a 2019 or later iMac or Mac Pro, an iMac Pro or the 2020 Mac mini.

Source: MacRumors

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