Google’s Messages Material You redesign noticed in newest replace

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Google Messages’ newest replace is now rolling out on Google Play, and it has some clues concerning the upcoming ‘Material You’ redesign.

Spotted by @panduu221 on Twitter, the app coding provides the Material You color redesign. The ‘Start chat’ button, search bar, and even class tabs all function the brand new recolouring. The recolouring will likely be wallpaper-based like different features of Material You.

This function is just not accessible but for customers working the Google Messages beta, however XDA Developers was capable of allow it on its Pixel 3 XL working Android 12.

It’s unclear if this rollout will likely be throughout the board. Samsung smartphones supply a unique UI for Google Messages, so it’ll be attention-grabbing to see if Google will change the search for Samsung’s model of Google Messages.

Source: @panduu221, XDA Developers 

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