Montreal Turo customers can now hire a Porsche Taycan

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Turo and Porsche have partnered to let Montrealers hire the latter firm’s electrical Porsche Taycan sportscar.

Getting behind the wheel of the elusive electrical car prices a dear $365 per day. While it is a lot of money to hire a automotive, driving the Taycan is in contrast to anything, and I typically nonetheless suppose fondly about my demo time with the automotive. This automotive rental partnership will final till June thirtieth.

Turo is an app that enables anybody to record their car for hire to assist make money on the aspect. The listings for the completely different Porsche Taycan fashions included within the rental program could be discovered right here.

If I needed to choose one model of the Porsche Taycan, I’d take a look at drive the blue trim since I discovered that individuals received out of my approach after I was driving it within the quick lane — probably as a result of it seems to be probably the most like a flashy sports activities automotive. You can learn my full story in regards to the Porsche Taycan EV right here.

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