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Bell, Telus, Rogers providing $80 per thirty days for 30GB for a restricted time

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For a restricted time, Rogers, Telus and Bell are providing 30GB of information for $80 per thirty days.

Further, Rogers can also be providing 35GB of information for $90 per thirty days for a restricted time, and Bell and Telus are operating an identical, barely higher take care of 35GB for $85.

Additionally, if in case you have 4 strains in your account, you will get as little as $65 per particular person for 30GB of information with Telus. If you’re with Bell, solely extra members get the $65 per thirty days. deal.

These are ‘Bring Your Own Device’ plans that supply limitless Canada-wide calling, limitless Canada-wide texting, Call Display and no overages. All of those plans additionally provide limitless knowledge, however after you’ve reached your allotment your speeds are throttled.

These offers are solely obtainable for a restricted time.

Source: Telus, Bell, Rogers

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