You can now watch and create Reels on Facebook in Canada

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Facebook is starting to check Reels from its Instagram app immediately within the Facebook app in Canada beginning at the moment.

Canadians can now create and uncover Reels within the Facebook app and share them with their associates. You can create Reels by clicking the digicam icon within the ‘Reels and Short Videos’ part within the News Feed.

Users can seize video clips with the digicam, add video clips out of your digicam roll or each. You also can trim and edit a number of clips collectively.

Facebook notes that there are a number of enhancing choices when creating Reels. For occasion, you may seek for a track from the Facebook music library to your reel. You also can use your individual unique audio from the digicam earlier than you seize a clip or you may add audio later.

Additionally, customers can choose an AR impact to report clips with completely different results accessible within the AR library. There’s additionally a timer and countdown to report movies hands-free. Users are additionally in a position to decide on to hurry up or decelerate components of the video or audio.

Facebook notes that you may watch Reels within the new Reels part within the News Feed, which is able to present a mixture of Reels and brief movies on Facebook.

The social media big launched Reels on Instagram final August with a purpose to compete with the rising reputation of TikTok. Facebook says it’s seen a rising curiosity in watching entertaining short-form movies on its platforms, which is why it’s bringing Reels to Facebook.

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