Toronto-based Ecobee’s SmartThermostat with voice to be first with Hey Siri

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Eagle-eyed viewers of Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote on Monday could have observed Toronto-based Ecobee’s ‘SmartThermostat’ make a short look in the course of the HomeKit part.

It was a part of Apple’s announcement that HomeKit equipment might allow ‘Hey Siri’ help on their units, which works by relaying requests via HomePod or HomePod mini units. Ecobee says its SmartThermostat with voice management might be one of many first third-party units and the primary thermostat to incorporate Siri.

When the Hey Siri options go stay later this 12 months, Ecobee says homeowners of the SmartThermostat with voice management and a HomePod or HomePod mini will be capable of activate Hey Siri on the thermostat.

“We’re excited to integrate Siri into Ecobee’s SmartThermostat with voice control and offer Apple customers a more seamless experience throughout the home,” stated Ecobee founder and CEO Stuart Lombard in a press launch.

You can study extra concerning the Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice management right here.

Image credit score: Ecobee

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