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Get 40% off Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Club Bluetooth headphones for immediately solely

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Buy at Best Buy for $149.99 (save $100)

We’re large followers of noiseless cans, however there’s one thing to be stated for a less complicated wi-fi design once you’re not listening in loud environments—our in the event you’re delicate to the dreaded “eardrum suck” of some noiseless fashions.

If the dad in your Father’s Day buying checklist is searching for a brand new pair of wi-fi headphones, and noise cancelling isn’t a precedence, the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Club headphones might fill the invoice. They use Class 1 Bluetooth expertise for simple pairing, they’ve on-ear controls for listening features, and so they boast an distinctive 40 hours of battery life.

And better of all, they’re 40% off for the subsequent 24 hours at Best Buy Canada. Pick them up for $149.99 (save $100), or take a look at the opposite Father’s Day presents on the retailer’s web site.

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