Apple TV app is now accessible on Android TV units

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Apple has launched its Apple TV app on Android TV units.

The tech big confirmed the information on Twitter following Nvidia’s announcement that the Apple TV app has launched on its Shield TV platform.

This means that you could entry Apple’s leisure app on all fashionable units that run Android TV OS, together with streaming sticks and TVs.

Speaking to 9to5Google, a Google consultant additionally confirmed that any non-operator-tier Android TV gadget working 8.0 Oreo or greater can run Apple TV. Previously, Apple TV solely ran on a couple of Android TV-powered units, like choose Sony Bravia TVs.

Over the previous a number of months, Apple has been drastically increasing the provision of Apple TV, together with bringing the app to PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Chromecast final yr.

With the Apple TV app, customers can entry a slew of on-demand motion pictures and exhibits, in addition to unique content material included with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Source: Apple

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